1. 21 Aug 2023 Journal Article Land

    Long-Term Monitoring of Tree Population Dynamics in Desert Ecosystems: Integrating Field and Satellite Data

    Sivan Isaacson, Jhonathan E Ephrath, Shimon Rachmilevitch, Dan G Blumberg, Benny Shalmon, Ofir Katz, Shimrit Maman

    Arid environments are characterized by rare rain events that are highly variable, as a result of which plant populations often exhibit episodic recruitment and mortality dynamics. However, direct records and observations of such events are rare because of the slow development of woody species. In this study, we described how a decrease in annual precipitation affected

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  2. 1 Mar 2020 Journal Article Acta Astronautica

    She Space: A multi-disciplinary, project-based learning program for high school girls

    Sivan Isaacson, Lonia Friedlander, Chen Meged, Shiran Havivi, Aviv Lee Cohen-Zada, Inbal Ronay, Dan G Blumberg, Shimrit Maman

    Previous research investigating the under-representation of women in science and technology fields has identified various causes. These include, a lack of inspiring female role-models, limited exposure of girls to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects, gender-biased stereotypes, and preferences for different learning styles between genders

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  3. Sep 2017 Journal Article Remote Sensing of Environment

    Long and short term population dynamics of acacia trees via remote sensing and spatial analysis: Case study in the southern Negev Desert

    Sivan Isaacson, Jhonathan E Ephrath, Shimon Rachmilevitch, Shimrit Maman, Hanan Ginat, Dan G Blumberg

    Monitoring vegetation dynamics in hyper-arid zones is important because any decrease in the already sparse vegetation cover in these areas could considerably affect the entire ecosystem. The new generation of high spatial resolution satellite (HSR) sensors is suitable for monitoring trees in arid regions because of the distinct and separate objects that trees represent

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  4. Mar 2017 Journal Article Negev, Dead Sea and Arava Studies

    A standardized protocol to monitor Acacia trees in the Arava

    Elli Groner, Nitzan Segev, Adi Rapaport, Gidon Ragolsky, Rotem Nelvitzki, Miriam Grunfeld, Benny Shalmon, Asaf Tsoar, Sivan Isaacson, Gidon Winters
    תכנית ניטור שיטים אחידה בערבה

    קיים חשש שירידה בכמות המשקעים, שתועדה לאחרונה בערבה, מביאה לפגיעה באוכלוסיות עצי השיטים בערבה. העדויות לפגיעה באוכלוסיות השיטים הן נסיבתיות ועקיפות, והדרך היחידה לבחון השערה זו היא לנטר אוכלוסיות שיטים לאורך זמן. רשות טבע והגנים החלו בניטור שבע ואדיות במחוז אילת )דאז( בשנת 2000 , במטרה להמשיך את הניטור ולהרחיבו צפונה ומזרחה, כך

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