1. Oct 2022 Journal Article Current Anthropology

    We are not Ikumen, We are Self-Reliant Househusbands: Crafting a Stay-At-Home-Father Identity in Japan


    The participation of fathers in parenting and caring has become a topical issue in the public discourse in Japan. The phenomenon is often epitomized in the popular neologism ikumen, defining fathers actively involved in childcare (ikuji) as “cool” men. Based on extended ethnography, the article focuses on a group of men who reject the ostensibly carefree ikumen image

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  2. May 2020 Journal Article Gender, Work and Organization

    ‘Working fathers' in Japan: Leading a change in gender relations?


    Does the emergent phenomenon of ‘working fathers' herald a process of change in gender relations in Japan? Against the background of the current discourse in Japan about new modes of fathers' participation in the family, the article focuses on the small group of working fathers — men who explicitly organize their working lives around family responsibilities — to examine

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  3. May 2019 Journal Article Journal of Family Issues

    The Japanese Corporate Family: The Marital Gender Contract Facing New Challenges:


    The analytical prism of gender contract is used in this article as a means to conceptualize the cultural construction of the idea of the heteronormative “ordinary” Japanese family, a construct that gained hegemonic dominance over the course of Japan’s stable prosperous postwar period (1960s-1980s); and from there, for examining the strength of this normative “contract”

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  4. Mar 2017 Journal Article Asian Studies Review

    “The Joy of Normal Living” as the Promise of Happiness for Japanese Women and their Families


    “The Joy of Normal Living” is at once the motto and the ideology of Kurihara Harumi, Japan’s best-known charisma housewife and icon of domesticity. This article looks at the relationship between “normal living” and the promise of happiness, as formulated in postwar Japan. Beginning with the government’s promotion, in the early postwar period, of the idea of akarui

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  5. Jun 2012 Book Palgrave Macmillan, New York

    Housewives of Japan: An Ethnography of Real Lives and Consumerized Domesticity


    Women in postwar Japan have never felt completely free from the traditional concept of the housewife. Drawing on a unique ethnographic inquiry, Ofra Goldstein-Gidoni explores the complexities of the relationship between socially and culturally constructed roles bestowed on Japanese women and their real lives. With a novel approach to the use of the Internet and email

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  6. 1 Jul 2005 Journal Article Journal of Consumer Culture

    The Production and Consumption of 'Japanese Culture' in the Global Cultural Market


    This article presents an unusual angle for the study of consumer culture in a case study of an explicit process of the production and consumption of ‘culture’, or more specifically, of a product, which carries the label: ‘Japanese culture’, and which crosses national borders. The general context is that of cross-cultural consumption and cultural globalization. Globalization

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  7. 1 Sep 2003 Journal Article Ethnos

    Producers of ‘Japan’ in Israel: Cultural appropriation in a non-colonial context


    This paper is concerned with the appropriation and re-production of Japanese culture by Israelis in Israel. The paper argues that both studies that locate processes of cultural appropriation in the context of a clear colonial or post-colonial relationship and studies that emphasize the free ‘global cultural supermarket’ cannot fully explicate the processes of cultural

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  8. 2003 Journal Article Israeli Sociology

    "Japan is Here?": "Japan" as a Cultural Alternative in Contemporary Israel (Hebrew)

    "יפן זה כאן?" — "יפן" כאלטרנטיבה תרבותית בישראל של שנות האלפיים

    זה דור שלם של אנשים שלא אכפת להם כמעט מכלום...

    עם מי לישון, מתי לקום

    ואיפה הזהות שלנו?...

    זה דור שלם של אנשים שלא אכפת להם כמעט מכלום

    עם מי לישון, עם מי לקום

    ואיפה הילדות שלנו?

    בתוך מחשב, בתוך אתר של כמה מופרעים שכבר איבדו את הרצון שיהיו להם פנים.

    הצג עוד
  9. 1 Mar 2001 Journal Article Journal of Material Culture

    The Making and Marking of The ‘Japanese’ and the ‘Western’ in Japanese Contemporary Material Culture


    This article uses the analysis of sets of contemporary Japanese cultural materials in order to explore the dynamics of the significant process of making and marking of the ‘Japanese’ and the ‘Western’ in contemporary Japanese culture. Through the observation of material culture - mainly food and clothing - in its public presentational arenas, it aims at reaching a better

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  10. 1 Mar 1997 Book University of Hawaii Press

    Packaged Japaneseness: Weddings, Business and Brides


    Examines what is called the Ceremonial Occasions industry in Japan, in particular the commercialized production of contemporary weddings there. Based on anthropological fieldwork conducted in a wedding parlour.